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Keeley's Reusable Nappy Journey

Today's Reusable Nappy Journey comes from another of our lovely Instagram followers Keeley aka @klb_twinsplustwo who runs a lovely account that documents her life as a mum of 4 - with lots of lovely pictures of reusable nappies on her adorable baby naturally!

Keeley's Story

My cloth journey started about 2 years ago, this was because my son (who is now potty training) started getting incredibly bad nappy rashes from every kind of disposable we had tried! I saw an advert for cloth nappies on Facebook and decided to look into it! I posted in a local mums group on Facebook to see if anyone used cloth and if they recommended them.

I was originally concerned and bit put off with the  ‘mess’ aspect and also the amount of washing I would potentially have to do! It wasn’t until a lovely lady local to me offered to show me the ins and outs of how they worked, talked through a wash routine and even let me borrow a few bits from her stash before I started building my own stash.

I quickly fell in love with cloth and also noticed the reduction in bin bags we were putting on the curb side every week which was also a massive plus!

In the early days we were getting lots of leaks and on the verge of giving up completely until I found a cloth nappy advice page on Facebook; members of the group quickly told me I was having fit issues and showed me how to get a good fit and we then very rarely had any leaks!

Fast forward 2 years and I have a new little baby who has been clothed since 4 weeks old. I am loving the journey this time round as I feel well informed and confident with my own knowledge which I have learned from various different Facebook groups and fellow experienced cloth nappy mums!

My go to nappies at the moment are All In One nappies - we have quite a mixture of brands in our stash! They are just so easy to use especially for my husband who isn’t as confident with other style nappies! We don’t really have a favourite brand as they are all rather brilliant and beautiful but we do favour cotton/hemp nappies over microfibre nappies. 

I have however attached a photo of my all time favourite print on my babies bottom! Smart Bottoms 3.1 - Tea party 🥰

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