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Nappy Hire

Whether you're preparing for a new arrival or hoping to switch to reusable nappies for your baby, the Nappy Library can help you find what works for your family. With so much information out there, our nappy kits are designed to give you an affordable, hands-on introduction to cloth nappies. You'll find a range of different styles of nappy, and different brands, to help you buy with confidence. And with our exclusive discount codes, you might just get your favourites at a great price!

We've got five types of kit ready to go, each containing different types and brands of reusable nappy.

If you're feeling bamboozled, take the quiz below to see which kit might suit your family best:


Birth-Potty Full Time


Birth-Potty Mini Kit


Long Term Loans


How to get a kit

1. Decide which kit you want to borrow. If you're unsure; take our questionnaire; attend a workshop; or contact us

2. Book your kit here

3. One of our expert parent volunteers will run through your kit with you via Zoom (or your another platform of choice)

4. Collect the kit from the library at Big You Little You

During your loan:

  • You will be given a Padlet link to a brief guide to using your nappies. 

  • If you have any questions, send us a message! We are always happy to help and don't want anyone to be feeling lost, or to not use the kit because you're confused.

  • Join our Facebook group and ask our lovely community for help if you need it. We also frequently post information about using cloth nappies in this group.

  • If you need urgent advice, our phone number is at the bottom of this page. 

After your loan:

  • Arrange a drop off time via our Facebook or Instagram pages.

  • Return the kit clean and dry to the shop.

  • Any deposits you have paid will be returned within 5 days of receiving the nappies.

Newborn Kit

Newborn Nappy Kit

(from birth inc. tiny baby)

£25 +£100 refundable deposit

6 week hire


Our Newborn Nappy Kit is designed to take you from the newborn stage right up to being able to fit into birth to potty nappies which, despite the name, often fit better from around 10lbs+. 

The Newborn Nappy Kit includes:

  • Around 40 nappy changes: a mixture of all the different styles of nappy.

  • Extra inserts

  • Two wetbags - one to store nappies in at home, and one to go out and about with.

  • Nappy nippers

  • Vest extenders

  • Reusable wipes (optional)

If you are a first time cloth user, we recommend attending one of our free Antenatal Nappy Natter workshops prior to giving birth. This workshops will give you an introduction to cloth nappies including washing advice, and answering any questions you have. You will also have the opportunity at the class to book a Newborn Nappy kit for your due date. See our events page for more information and to book your place.

The cost of this nappy kit is £25 plus a £100 deposit that is fully refunded after the full kit is returned. This is to cover any damages to the kit. The kit can be hired for 6 weeks, and is available for renewal after that if needed.


B2P Mini

Birth-Potty Mini Kit

(from 10lb - 2yrs+)


2 week hire


Our Mini Trial Kits are designed as a 'taster' of cloth nappies, if you'd like to get a bit of an idea how they work, but don't want to commit to using them full time just yet! You'll also be able to join the 'Sustainable Starts' programme which is designed to give you a helping hand through those first two weeks.

The kit contains 10 nappies of varying styles and brands, typically:

  • Pockets

  • Close Pop-ins

  • All-in-Ones

  • Shaped/Night nappy

The kit can be customised if you would like to try any specific styles or brands, if they are in stock at the library.

These kits are available for 2 or 4 weeks hire, at a cost of £10 per 2 weeks.

B2P Full

Birth-Potty Full Time Kit

(from 10lb - 2yrs+)


4 week hire (12 weeks max)


Our Birth to Potty Kits are suitable for babies aged 3 months and older, or weighing 10lbs and above. They are not usually suitable for newborns but please get in touch if you would like advice on which kit would work best for you and your baby.

Birth to Potty nappies can be adjusted using poppers to grow with your child all the way up to potty training. They come in a large variety of styles and our kits include as many as possible so you can try them all and decide which ones you would like to buy for your own use.

Each kit has 20 changes consisting of:

4 All-in-One Nappies

1 Close Pop In

8 Pocket nappies with various inserts

7 All-in-Two Nappies (2 fitted, 5 prefolds)

The nappies included are a mixture of different brands, and have some current and some older nappy ranges. It is possible to include specific brands you would like to try - just let us know when you fill in the booking form!

These kits are available to hire for £25/month and can be renewed up to a total of 3 months. 


Holiday Kits

(from 10lb - 2yrs+)

Swim Kit:

£10 for 2 week hire

£25 for 6 weeks

Full Holiday Kit:

£15 for 2 week hire

£30 for 6 week hire


We have two types of holiday kits available, our Swim Kits and full Holiday Kits.

Swim Kits

  • Reusable swim nappy

  • Neoprene Wrap (optional but required by Water Babies and other swim classes)

  • Wet/UV suit

Short Term Hire: £10 for 2 weeks

Long Term Hire: £25 for 6 weeks.

Holiday Kits

  • A full swim kit

  • Wraps

  • Disposable or reusable inserts/prefolds

Prices vary according to the amount of wraps & inserts required.

The swim kit option is available if you are going to a swim class, and our hire cost is a lot cheaper than buying the kit outright. As children grow pretty fast, this is a great money saving option.

Holiday kits are designed to save you space if you usually use bulkier nappies such as all-in-ones or pockets. Wraps can be used multiple times, and disposable inserts can be thrown away (leaving room for all those souvenirs!), or reusable inserts take up less space. 

Long Term

Long Term Kits

(from 10lb - 2yrs+)


4 week hire (12 weeks max)


Our Long Term Loan Kits are available for families who feel that the initial cost of purchasing reusable nappies is not, for whatever reason, accessible to them. These nappy kits consist of older styles of nappies which are not available to buy any more, but all the nappies are still in good condition.

The kits are available for as long as you need them (years if necessary), for a (flexible) minimum suggested donation of £5. All we ask is that when you have finished with them, you return them to us so another family can benefit from them.

If you would like more information, contact us.

Potty Training Kits

Enquire for more info


We have a selection of reusable potty training nappies available in the library, which can be used during the tricky period between stopping using nappies and your child being fully potty trained.

We are still working on finalising these kits, but please get in touch if you would be interested in hiring one. 

Potty Training Kits
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