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Over 22 MILLION nappies are thrown away in Merseyside each year.
By supporting families across the Merseyside to switch to reusable nappies, we're aiming to reduce that to almost zero.

Our Mission

We provide families in Merseyside with all the support they need to get started using reusable nappies. It's better for the environment and cheaper long-term.

Whilst in nappies, a baby will need changing approx 4000 times. Resuable nappies emit 40% less carbon emissions (including washing) and around 90% less plastic waste. A family can use the same 20 or so nappies on multiple children, so these stats get even better over time!

Families who use reusable nappies can save up to £1000 over an average usage period of 2.5 years, a statistic that increases if used on multiple children.

The Nappy Library is an excellent choice:

  • We accept donations of second-hand nappies when families have finished with them, that then go to other families, prolonging the life of nappies and reducing waste further.

  • Using the Nappy Library allows people to buy the nappy that is right for them

  • This also avoids unnecessary spending for families. 

We believe that everyone should be able to use reusable nappies on their child, regardless of income or living situation. We offer long term loan kits for lower income households, and have plans for the future to make cloth nappies accessible to all. Positive environmental choices should not just be for those who can afford them. 

Our Services

We provide:​

  • Hire of reusable nappy kits based on the family's needs.

  • Personalised support via 1:1 consultations (currently online)

  • Support through the hire in the form of direct message support, a Facebook group, our blog and Nappuccino drop in sessions (currently online).

  • Regular reusable nappy workshops, both antenatal and postnatal (currently online).

  • Reusable period product demonstration kits (not currently available).

How We Work

The library is an entirely volunteer run, non-profit organisation. We are based at Big You Little You on Aigburth Road.

We do not receive regular funding and most of our nappies are acquired through donations of old nappies from supporters. Kit hire costs go towards insurance, laundry bills and repairing/replacing nappies. 


About The Library


How & When To Find Us

We are based in South Liverpool at Big You Little You

Full address: 392 Aigburth Road, Liverpool, L19 3QD

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Opening Hours

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, we are operating with limited opening hours and request that you arrange all collections and drop-offs during those times. Please wear a mask when entering into the building. 

Our current opening hours are:


Tuesday 1-4pm

Friday 1-4pm


A volunteer will be present in the shop during those times. 

Contact Us

      Big You Little You, 392 Aigburth Road, Liverpool, L19 3QD

       07835 626671      

Find us

Who We Are

The library is run by volunteers, who work at the library round their jobs and families. They do a brilliant job!




Kit Hire


Favourite Reusable Nappy:

Baba & Boo

Read about how the nappy library started here.



Fundraising & Marketing

Favourite Reusable Nappy:

Tots Bots Easyfit

Why did you start volunteering?:

I think the library really helps get past the overwhelm of getting started with reusables, and I felt like I could help in its mission.



Social Media


Favourite Reusable Nappy:

Baba & Boo (they're a library favourite!)

Why did you start volunteering?:

I had just started using the library and found it helpful, so was keen to support it. Plus I was quite interested in the social media side of things and it's been fun getting involved in that!

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