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Information & Support

The world of reusable nappies has moved on a lot since the greying pieces of old terry our parents used to us - and thank goodness! There are now loads of different options of style, brand and print, and with that comes a LOT of information! Getting started with reusable nappies definitely requires more thought than using disposable nappies and this can sometimes put people off. Additionally, using reusable nappies can be a bit trickier - often people experience fit issues or have questions about washing - which only adds to the potential overwhelm.

We don't want to put people off by saying this, but it's important to acknowledge that there are barriers to getting started with cloth nappies. That's where we come in! A big part of the Library's mission is to provide support while you're using the kit, buying your nappies, and beyond. 


There are several ways you can access support from the library.

  • To get started, attend one of our workshops: Antenatal Nappy Natter if you're pregnant, or Intro to Cloth: Birth to Potty if you're looking to make the swap from disposables.

  • In our Facebook group Online Nappy Natter. We have moved our drop in Nappuccino sessions to this group every Friday and you can always ask our lovely community for advice.

  • Send us a message. We mostly answer messages during our opening hours but are happy to help when we can.

Information & Advice

These are sources of information about reusable nappies that will help you get started and troubleshoot any problems you experience.

  • Our blog has lots of posts about all sorts of reusable nappy topics. Have a browse!

  • We asked a lot of people for their stories of getting started using cloth, and put them on the blog. Have a read of them, they're all fascinating and contain some great advice and tips.

  • Making sense of the vocabulary used when talking about reusables can be tricky. We've created a glossary to help get you started! Let us know if there are any words you think we've missed. 

  • We post information regularly on Instagram and in our Facebook group. 

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