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Using reusable nappies out and about...

What's in your change bag?

As lockdown is starting to lift, and shops, cafes and other places to go out with your little ones start to open again, we thought it would be a good time to answer a question regularly asked when people start their reusable nappy journey: "What do I do with them when I'm out and about?". Of course with disposables you can just pop the dirty nappy in a bin wherever you've changed your baby, but your reusables have to come home with you - so how do you do that without getting the inside of your change bag completely disgusting?

The key here is a wet bag! A wet bag is a waterproof bag, usually made from the same material as reusable nappy covers, with a zip that doesn't leak or let smells out. They come in various different sizes according to your needs and come in as many gorgeous prints as the nappies.

So, you carry as many nappies as you will need - made up i.e. pockets stuffed, inserts in wraps, etc - in your change bag, and then when you have changed your baby/child, you pop the dirty nappy into the wet bag, zip it up and voila, it's safe and dry to carry around for as long as you're out. Once home, you can put them straight into your nappy bucket to go in the next wash.

You may also be using reusable wipes (blog post on these coming soon!). Reusable wipes usually come with a little wet bag to carry them around in your bag, as typically they will be already wet. You may want to carry a couple of dry ones with you, just in case of explosions / other extra nappy changes! Then, as with the nappies, once you have used them, you can pop them in your wet bag alongside your reusable nappies until you get home.

Hopefully this blog post has made using reusable nappies outside of the house feel less intimidating. Of course, please make sure to take care in public changing rooms and wash your hands thoroughly before and after. Carrying a travel pack of antibacterial wipes will allow you to wipe down surfaces before putting your child on them.

Enjoy being able to get out of the house with your little ones - I think every parent / carer out there is ready for a change of scene!

Featured Wet Bags: Medium Wet Bag in Northern Lights print by Baba + Boo; Small Tote Bag in Red Panda by Close Parent and Stuff Sack in Rockets by Close Parent (currently unavailable).

All our nappy hire kits come with a wet bag to store your nappies in while you're at home, but if you want to purchase one for out and about, Big You Little You (where the Nappy Library is based) have a selection available - message for options, or alternatively you can use the code LIVERPOOLCLOTH for 10% off anything on the Nappy Gurus website.

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