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Travelling with Reusable Nappies

We went on holiday in September, and managed to use reusable nappies while we were away (for 4 days). I'm really pleased to have been able to use them the whole weekend because it's not exactly the convenient option. We went to Center Parcs (not Paris, sadly). I thought my experience of using them while I was away might be useful for others to take inspiration from, though I am sure there are plenty of different ways to travel with reusables, if you would want to!

A few tips for what to take with you: - Use two parter nappies with wraps. You can reuse the wraps and they take up way less space in your luggage. - If you don't have any two part nappies (like me!) - borrow from your nappy library! We have plenty of wraps and inserts available for you to hire. - This option also means you still have nappies left at home for when you get back! - Take wetbags to store your nappies in. We have these available to hire too! I also like wetbags as a great cheap way to get more cute prints in my life

Here is a photo of what we used while we were away. It includes:

6 wraps (various brands) 9 TotsBots PeeNut inserts 6 pocket nappies 3 night time nappies & wraps Various wipes 2 small wetbags for wipes 2 medium wetbags - one for out and about, the other for storing nappies at home 1 large wetbag

So this is what worked for me over 3 nights (4 days) with a 14 month old who is reasonably cheerful if we forget to change his nappy occasionally...!

Things we learnt: -We forgot to use the wraps multiple times; that would have saved space. - We only used some of our pockets because we'd never used wraps not taking any of them would have saved space. Looking at the picture above, the left 6 nappies wouldn't have been needed. So much space saved!! - It was great coming home to most of our nappies being clean, due to borrowing from the library! - This was only one load of laundry so didn't require more washing than normal.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of how many nappies you might use on a long weekend, and how much space they might take up! I imagine it would take up more space than using disposables, but quite possibly not by much. We did travel by car which made things easier - I saw vacuum bags being suggested for travelling by plane before, anyone else got any suggestions for even more space saving?

If you have any questions about travelling with reusable nappies, or indeed any questions about reusable nappies at all, let us know in the comments or send us a message on social media. We'd also love to hear your experiences!

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