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January Clothes Swap!

Our 4th babies' and children's clothes swap happened on Saturday - the 13th January 2024. An unlucky date for some but not for us!

We were back at St Stephen's URC in Wavertree, although in the Annexe this time, round the back. We had 6 volunteers setting up and taking down the clothes, tables and everything else, so a huge thanks to them for supporting us with the event and allowing us to get everything ready in time! These events wouldn't be possible without volunteers, as it's no small amount of work. Of course there are perks to being a volunteer - you get free entry and first pick while we're setting up!

As usual, we had loads of clothes to start with, so even the early birds had plenty of choice. We welcomed 35 people to the swap, most of whom brought some clothes to swap, receiving a 50% discount on their entry fee. It was lovely to see some regulars joining us again with their babies ready to go into the next size of clothes! We really appreciated everyone putting out the clothes they had brought on to the appropriate table. Last swap we didn't have capacity to do this and it meant that almost none of the new stuff was put out on the day, so this made the clothes available at the event this time.

We estimate that over 40 bags of clothes were taken away from the swap; a grand total of more than 200kg of clothes being reused. Several people filled up 2 bags or more!

Thankfully after this swap, we were able to take the clothes away to a storage unit and not back to one of our directors' spare bedrooms! We are hopeful we will be able to find a venue this year that will give us more space and capacity to develop our other ideas, but we are very thankful we were able to get them to this intermediate solution in the mean time.

Thank you to everyone who came along. We'd love to have your feedback if you have a spare minute - please click here to fill in the form. And if you couldn't make it, sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know about the next swap date! We'll be announcing it soon.

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