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Nappy Library News

5th April 2020


Thank you to everyone who joined in on our 40 days of cloth challenge! We had a great time supporting you all and hope it helped quite a few people to make the change to cloth! If you don't know what we're talking about, we challenged people to use at least one nappy a day for the 40-odd days of Lent. We provided Mini Kits to people who didn't have them, giving them 10 nappies in each kit. We then encouraged people to join our Facebook group where we posted informative posts about types of nappies, washing routines etc.

We have a plan to continue doing challenges like this in future, to create a supportive atmosphere in which people can make the switch and have information available to do so. If you took part in this challenge, and would like to give us feedback - good or bad! - to help us make future challenges even better, please click here to fill in our survey.

23rd March 2020

One whole year of lockdown.... It's been a crazy year, but we have been fortunate at the library to have had one of our most successful years yet. The start of the pandemic saw disposable nappies fly off the shelves and people turn to reusable nappies for security in the anxious times ahead. The demand for the library shot up, and in July we were able to fundraise for 10 new Newborn Nappy Kits to meet that increased demand.

In February 2020 we recruited some new volunteers, and they have been invaluable in setting up the fundraising, and our new website and blog, as well as increasing our social media presence. Anna, our founder, has been incredible in her focus in keeping everyone safe; she moved all the workshops and consultations online, and washed and quarantined each nappy kit as they came in. Well done, everyone!

We have pulled together some statistics from the last year, if you like that sort of thing! 

Copy of Copy of We've hired kits to fami
Copy of Copy of We've hired kits to fami
Copy of Copy of We've hired kits to fami

3rd July 2020

We've done it!.png

In June 2020 we launched a Crowdfunder to raise money to increase the number of Newborn Nappy Kits in our library - due to increased demand throughout the pandemic, particularly when there was a shortage of disposable nappies.


Thanks to everyone who donated to our fundraiser, in July 2020 we raised enough money to reach our target and access all the funds! We were lucky enough to receive a very generous donation from Liverpool City Council, and raised the rest from wonderful supporters of the library.

We can't wait to get purchasing nappies and sending them out to people in the community to help them make the swap to cloth.

Thank you again for supporting us.

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